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【湖南卫视我们都爱笑- 本期精彩】 《古剑奇谭》天墉城小分队再次做客《我们都爱笑》,大师兄陈伟霆携二师兄应昊茗和小师妹迪丽热巴组团前来挑战喜剧。师兄妹三人不仅在舞台上“各显神通”秀 出了实力演技,也在后台亲密互动、大秀恩爱。更多精彩内容,尽在今晚22点湖南卫视《我们都爱笑》~
Hunan TV’s Laugh Out Loud EP Highlight: William Chan and and the two cast members from “Swords of Legends” are feature on this week’s Laugh Out Loud. They also act some skits together with the show hosts with lots of fun and laughter.

Laugh Out Loud is a comedy sitcom, which invites celebrities to act out four laughing series. Guests are performed without any rehearsal, so it is definitely fun to watch some real live acting. The show is already in its third series and is on air every Wednesday since February 15, 2014.

Laugh Out Loud Full EP Playlist:

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