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CES 2018 was so much fun! There was some awesome new tech + funny moments that I wanted to share with you guys! So here you go!

HTC Vive Pro Hands on Review –
HTC Vive Wireless –
Razer Project Linda –
ZTE Axon M –
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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Cancer 4 months ago

    He looks like he's going to cum

  • the life of dana 4 months ago

    You should tie a bunch of balloons to an iPhone and drop it at 100feet and see if it affects the drop at all. Like this to get them to see it! It would be awesome!

  • Stephen Anaman 4 months ago


  • Lilly Matthews 4 months ago

    When that lady said you have to die I was like………..UM NO WHO DI THINK YOU ARE…heck to the no???

  • Christian Slattery 4 months ago

    He should drop a phone covered in pop sockets

  • J Brunson 4 months ago

    use iphone at bottom of snow plow

  • Antony Ramin 4 months ago

    what happen to the 500 dollar giftcard giveaway

  • Malajae Gilbert 4 months ago

    Your awsome

  • Armin Hoorjandi 4 months ago

    Do samething with ASUS.

  • imad achebbak 4 months ago

    Friends light goo subscribe to me pls

  • Imaan Ihsaan 4 months ago

    all these tech gadgets are cool and all but can it do this _/ __

  • The Flash 505 4 months ago

    In a world that is virtual… like SAO.

  • it'sRainah 4 months ago

    Can tide pods protect an iPhone?

  • Preston Garvey 4 months ago

    Was it just advertisement for black mirror ?

  • One_Peace _Keeper 4 months ago

    I’m ten hours late and that was my comment cuz I try to get likes it won’t hurt you to like this ?

  • Bill Lyle 4 months ago

    Great summary. Much better than some of the other YouTubers!

  • Taylor Williams 4 months ago

    I have a question!? Do you ever give away the phones that survive the expiraments???

  • SANDEEP R N 4 months ago

    Awesome ❤

  • Usjwiwisjs Sjjs 4 months ago

    i subbed

  • Caleb Mclaughlin 4 months ago

    this is a lit and epic video