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  • Dayton Lovell 3 days ago

    does anyone hear what doess the fox say in the back ground

  • StaceyA Drew 3 days ago

    Na my moma would be so mad she would beat the sh*t out of me.

  • Jorge Hernandez 3 days ago

    #1 she's a sneakerhead

  • Cutesy Girl 3 days ago

    If they don’t like there kids to be preagnant they shouldn’t have a kid LILE DUH BRUH

  • Nevada Mccleary 3 days ago

    If I pranked my mom and told her im pregnant…

    Me:Mom im pregnant
    Mom:Dammit I should've put you on birth control earlier. 😂😂😂

  • Formingduke Gaming 3 days ago

    That’s my worst night I becoming a father

  • Okay I Believe You 3 days ago

    How are these people okay but not the woman who left her kid???

  • MeganR Brown 3 days ago

    These moms are savage. My mom would never hit me for getting pregnant. She would be a little disappointed in me, but she'd support me. And if was just a prank, she'd know it was cause we've pulled that same prank on my dad together XD

  • Nya Gillen 3 days ago

    I have hoops to and I stick things through them at school all the time they are two inch 😂

  • lisha jones 3 days ago

    I love your videos plz make more

  • Mysticalenergy 1 3 days ago


  • Edwina Ngwa 3 days ago

    My mom would just kill me on the spot

  • Alex Moon 3 days ago

    first one has "what does the fox say" lol

  • Wolf Spirit 3 days ago

    I think the worst parent reaction is when they start beating the kids. What if they injure the hypothetical baby??

  • Elizabeth Somers 3 days ago

    Some cultures will kill the female for this

  • dogos well take over/my little poney 3 days ago

    Something funny is the mom also got pregnant.

    👩 plus 👨= 👶

  • disneymoviesonyoutube 23 3 days ago

    who else would have punched the girl in the face once they said it was a joke

  • S.A.M. Escarphal 3 days ago

    Why she beat her up what if she had a real baby the poor baby seriously

  • The Derpy GalacticLLama 3 days ago

    Girl: what are we going to do with the baby

    Mom: idk your baby

  • Rodrick Gibson 3 days ago

    My parents black black so I would be murdered in cold blood