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  • Perfectlaughs 4 months ago

    Follow Me On Instagram @PerfectLaughs ? Make Sure To Subscribe To Our Couple Channel “Jazz and Tae”??

  • Dylan D 4 months ago

    that’s is not no damn 700,000 house

  • тяιll ναяя 4 months ago

    Armon Said "Get Off My Property" ?

  • Jaee_ Nation 4 months ago

    The only thing you selling is mouth ??‼️

  • kayanna staylitty 4 months ago

    armon: and you just got yo girlfriend thinking it cute do t you

  • Brenda Turner 4 months ago


  • Katherine bell 4 months ago

    Armon shoudnt put his hand on jassmine

  • lasia world 4 months ago

    At 4:40 I was dying how he through the sign lol I love perfect laughs and armon and trey the make a good squad

  • lasia world 4 months ago

    At 4:03 I was dying laughing why was he walking like that

  • Ashleigh Bolarin 4 months ago

    I died when Ar'mon said, "we gon sell you for a $350,000"??

  • Angelique St Hilaire 4 months ago

    Armon be too serious like

  • Mike Gutierrez 4 months ago

    Trey remains of Jamie Foxx

  • kaiyah Langston 4 months ago

    This prank fake as hell

  • Amber Johnson 4 months ago

    did this nigga say 700k 800k gtf

  • nina PONDER 4 months ago

    “My mover mans” I’m dead ???

  • Layah Nuckles 4 months ago

    Ik it’s a prank but armon and trey always touching somebody and saying some freaky shit

  • Layah Nuckles 4 months ago

    I’m not trying to be mean or rude but I think tae is using jazz for clout in my opinion

  • Queen Vee 4 months ago

    How you gonna sell the house and y'all just renting. Y'all not no homeowners.

  • Jakayla Taylor 4 months ago

    Jazz stay trying to fight them one day she gon make them mad a they gon beat her ass

  • its lit 4 months ago